Joe at recycling centre

What an interesting world you'll discover at the Recycling Center. Joe sorts out his cans in order to get paid.

All kinds of interesting characters on the streets of Long Beach. Meet Chang, a fellow canner and Joe's allly against Cowboy

Joe meets Chang

Clossup of Chang

Who would have thought–Chang is quite the ladie's man. Too many in fact–he's worn out!

Cowboy in Joes face

Cowboy loves nothing better than to taunt Joe and get in his face.

Cowboy confronts Joe

We first meet Cowboy taunting Joe at Lagoon Park, a normal, everyday occurrence.

Cowboy sings a song

Cowboy works smart, not hard. Cowboy sings to a restaurant worker and is rewarded with a bag full of cans. Some might say hi

Joe ready to strike

Joe is hassled by Cowboy on the streets all the time. Joe balls his fist, just in case Cowboy wants a shot at the title.

Big as my balls

Cowboy brags about his load of cans. "They're as big as big as his balls and twice as heavy".

Cowboy snake in grass

First, Cowboy comes at you in a playful manner, but make no mistake–he's a snake in the grass.

Cowboy sneer

Cowboy shows his true colors with a sneer. You best avoid Cowboy, the self proclaimed "King of the Canners."

Joe sitting on beach

Joe rest his weary bones at the beach after a long day of collecting cans

Joe takes a smoke break

Joe takes a smoke break in front of the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Joe hunts for recyclables

Joe reaches into a trash can at the beach, hunting for his beloved treasure–recyclables.

You just missed them

Joe sped across town as fast as he could, but he just missed them. Too late to get paid now.

Joe rides into town

Joe rides by the LA RIVER on his way to work

Joe rides Long Beach

Long Beach is a beautiful place to ride your bike.

Joe bikes LBC

Joe bikes pased old, rusty tank farms on his way to the recycling center.

Joe sits on beach

Joe enjoys his dinner, a beer and chips on the beach.

Joe LBC neighbourhood

The early bird gets the worm–Joe's on his way to collect cans.

Territorial canners

Beware territorial canners–not everyone is your friend in the canning game.

Keep on moving bud

"Keep on moving bud!" Joe is not welcomed by Brent and Noah, surly canners with attitude.

Strength in numbers at LBC

Strength in numbers on the streets.

Lackey canner night

Everyone needs a lackey in the canning game.

Join Cowboy or lose

Joe rejects Cowboy's offer to join him and become his charity case.

Joe walks on the beach at night

What a beautiful night to be a canner.

Saxon helps Joe

Saxon is a friend, willing to help Joe out with intel on the streets–his reward is cigarettes.

Saxon spots Joe

Saxon spots Joe in distress outside the closed Recycling Center.

Hit you with cash

Saxon explains that the 24hr Kiosk over by PCH, "takes your cans and hit you with the cash!"

Saxon Scolds Joe

Saxon sarcastically calls out Joe for being lazy.

Joe rejects Cowboy

Joe doesn’t take kind to being bullied by Cowboy. Joe tells Cowboy to get lost.

Joe scats with Saxon

Joe shares a playful exchange with Chang early in the morning.

Beautiful street mural art

Some of the beautiful street art found in Long Beach.

Pookie, Pat and Joe

Pat and Pookie investigate to see what Joe is up to, creeping around Cowboy's camper.

Singing dog

Pat and his amazing singing dog entertain themselves near the LA River.

Harmonica playing Pat

Pat loves his harmonica, I'm not convinced his dog Pookie likes it so much.

Pat says hello to Joe

Pat tells Joe he's the real inventor of the internet–Joe is confused.

Joe bikes mural LBC

Joe passes a beautiful street mural located on 7th and Golden Road in Long Beach.

Joe lives the good life

Joe gets a hotel room and enjoys the good life.

Joe spies on Cowboy

A game of cat and mouse–Joe spies on Cowboy from high above.

Lone sailor statue LBC

Joe fixes his bike in front of the Lone Sailor statue in Long Beach

Long Beach Pier

A place you might see everyday–under the Belmont veterans memorial Pier in Long Beach.

Out of order kiosk

Joe is sent on a wild goose chase by Saxon to reach the 24hr recycling kiosk.

Curse Saxon kiosk

Joe curses Saxon, realizing both kiosk machines are out of order.

Pat the

Meet Pat, the "inventor" of the internet and his dog Pookie.

The secret revealed by Cowboy

Cowboy lifts the lid of the Golden trash and the secret is revealed.

Cowboy discovers the secret

Cowboy spies on Joe and learns the source of his newfound wealth.

Joe rolling in the money

Joe surveys all his cans at the Recycling center. With the aid of the Golden trash can, Joe is the new "King of the Canners."

Cowboy threatens Joe

The power has shifted. Cowboy threatens Joe on the streets.

Joe parties air bass

Joe parties at campsite to celebrate his recent success. Little known fact–Joe plays a mean air bass guitar.

I'll be back

Joe leaves the Golden trash can to hit the recycling center, but trust me–he'll be back.

Cowboy and Sally

Cowboy and Sally get into a tiff on the streets. "When was the last time you took me out, huh?"

Joe in ecstasy

Joe is in ecstasy after discovering a never-ending source of cans to recycle.

Joe marches back to destiny

Joe marches back to investigate the magical Golden trash can.

Golden trash magic

The Golden trash lifts up by itself behind Joe's back.

Joe discovers magical trash can

Joe stumbles upon a mysterious, Golden trash can filled with aluminum cans

Joe spots Shorty's

Joe spots a warm, cigarette butt filled Shorty's 40 beer on top of a Golden trash can–perfect for a hot day.

A new Joe is born

With money in pocket and new clothes, Joe gets a fresh start at life.

With success comes Sally canner

Joe steals Sally from Cowboy, now that he has the money.

Joe catches Cowboy

Joe catches Cowboy attempting to steal the Golden trash can.

Caught red handed

Joe snaps after Cowboy suggests they should team up together.

Bloody aftermath

Joe strikes Cowboy with his routing stick, causing a bloody aftermath.

Never steal from Joe

Joe chokes Cowboy to death in a fit of rage

Joe face covered with blood

The dark side of Joe is revealed as he smiles above Cowboy's lifeless body.

Joe alone scarred

Joe is panicked and alone after realizing he's killed Cowboy.

Nuevo Bros getting dirty

L to R Burtis, Kent, Mike, Darren film Joe riding up on Cowboy. The Nuevo Bros aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

Nuevo Bros share a laugh

L to R Kent, Mike, Darren, Burtis compose a shot at the Golden trash can.

The golden trash can

The Golden Trash can awaits filming in Long Beach.

Camper scene prep

L to R Mike, Darren, Pat, Pookie and Kent prep for their scene in front of Cowboy's camper.

Nuevo Bros Alley Wilmington

L to R Darren and Mike set up exterior shot in a Wilmington alley. Not all filmmaking is glamourous.

Canners prep bikes before

Donated bikes before their transformation into the Canners world.

Darren tests Cowboy bike

Darren tests out Cowboy's bike at

Cowboy and Joe chow together

It's all make believe folks! Burtis and Kent grab a bite after a hard day's work.

Nuevo Bros on set

L to R Mike, Darren and Kent set up camp on location. No honey-wagons to be seen.

Saxon scene Wilmington

L to R Mike, Kent, A.Lee and sound man Chris Cole film the SAXON scene in Wilmington.

Darren and Mike

L to R Darren and Mike set up the camera Gimbal in Long Beach for a tracking shot.

Kent makeup with Darren

L to R Darren applies makeup to Kent for

Feet makeup

L to R Darren applies makeup to Kent's feet at


The Nuevo Bros set up Joe's intro scene in Pomona.

Burtis preps

Burtis rehearses his lines high above the freeway embankment in Long Beach.

Blocking shot

L to R Mike, Darren, Kent. Darren stages a crucial scene in Long Beach.

Candid shot kent

Candid shot of Kent (Joe) on set.

Darren Doyle

The Nuevo Bros (Mike and Darren) getting set for a shot.

Mike Borgen behind camera

Mike behind the camera, preps for a shot on 7th and Golden Road in Long Beach.

Nuevo Bros framing shot

The Nuevo Bros (Mike and Darren) discuss a Golden trash can shot.

Kent and Mike

L to R Kent and Mike share a playful moment on set of Canners. We shot in the summer–it was hot.

Burtis butt crack

L to R Burtis, Mike and Darren block a crucial shot. What a silly business.

Hide gear Long Beach

The Nuevo Bros hide gear and setup camp on the Canners set.

Darren and Burtis makeup

L to R Darren applies makeup to Burtis on set.

Burtis Candid shot

Burtis was always a pleasure to have on set.

Getting in character

Not sure if it was a long day or Kent Hatch was getting into

Trash can mural art

What a great location in Long Beach–an LA River tunnel filled with eye-catching murals.

Long Beach murals

Great mural artwork found on 7th and Golden Street in Long Beach. Check it out for yourself.

Pat helping out

When he wasn't acting, Pat was extremely helpful setting up gear and providing an extra set of eyes.

Burtis overlooks his domain

Spoiler alert: Burtis prepares for his murder scene.

Artsy fartsy Nuevo Bros

Darren and Mike come down the tunnel and prepare for the murder scene.

Extra pockets

You can never have enough pockets on set. Backpacks and cargo shorts are a must.

Camera department

Mike and Darren set up the camera for the hundredth setup.

Darren talks to Burtis

Darren gives Burtis (Cowboy) some last minute directions for the scene.

Darren on set

Darren hustles over for the next shot in Long Beach.

Candid shot of Burtis hammer

Candid shot of Burtis (Cowboy) swinging his hammer…watch those fingers Burtis!

Burtis crack

Another shot of Burtis showing off his butt crack. Burtis will always go that extra mile for his art.

Dirty ground slime

Yes–it was disgusting sitting on slime, but well worth it to get wonderful low-angle shots.

Burtis wide angle

Burtis Cutler captured with a wide-angle lens. No–this is not a

Pitching in

Everyone pitches in and does their part to get Canners made–we couldn't have done it without help.

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